construction, immigration and getting high

There is a new building going up approximately ten feet from my bedroom window. I’ve dealt with similar construction “issues” at my last two residences, but nothing like this. It is so close, the construction workers and I are actually well acquainted. Every morning I wave my fist at them yelling anything, “go to hell!”, “I will kill all of you”,”I hate you so much”, or “can you please just stop for five minutes”. My responses are juvenile, and ignorant- I know. It’s just like when my mother used to wake me in high school.

I called 311 twice. The second time I called, the 311 operator heard the construction over the phone and told me there was a decibel limit for residential construction. They may be breaking the rules!! heaven!
Less than a week later- impressive!- the EPA inspector went to check out the construction site. Unfortunately,and probably because of the construction, the 311 operator had written down the wrong address. The inspector told me I had to re-submit my complaint.
I just did not have the energy to explain the situation again.

Instead, what I have done is try to take advantage of the one element over which I have control: I can wake up earlier than the construction starts and leave the house before the noises ruin my day (7am). It may not be ideal, but it is a real solution to the problem, and it is totally under my control. No administrative hassle necessary.

Quoting Congressman Steve Cohen, from Tennessee, I had to “get to a ‘higher place,’ if you will”

Cohen was talking about immigration. The House judiciary oversight committee was questioning Attorney General Eric Holder about, among other things, the justice department’s interpretation of Arizona’s new immigration law. Cohen approached the issue from a different perspective. He noted that there may be other ways to solve Arizona’s problems.

A lot of the criminal activity comes from Mexican drug cartels supplying marijuana to the desirous American population. Maybe, by decriminalizing marijuana, we could prevent a lot of the violence that the Mexican drug lords are bringing into Arizona. I am 150% in favor of legalizing marijuana; but I am even more in favor of people solving problems using means already in their control, rather than undertaking institutional hassles- especially when it is petty partisan politicians in charge of both. Even though 311 was responsive to my call, the chances that they will respond to my re-submitted complaint before the building is fully constructed is unlikely… and I’d love to stop cursing a bunch of hard working people first thing in the morning every morning.

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